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Doula Mentorship Program

The doula career is very unpredictable and it does take some time to get your first client, but this program will help you get the kick-start to become a doula. You’ll learn how to build your confidence and learn your style of helping families and women through childbirth. Even if you walk away without a client, you have the knowledge of how you can be a successful doula, and that’s what counts!

This Program Includes:

To be part of this program, you MUST already have had your doula training.

Program Cost:
$150 Every  6 Months

  • Sisterhood in the birth community

  • Learning Your Personal Doula style

  • Help with receiving your doula certification 

  • Building your confidence in this career 

  • How to prepare for clients

  • How to prepare for a birth

  • Shadowing me at 1 or 2 births

  • Attend 2 prenatal visits with me 

  • Attend 3 postpartum supports with me

  • Attend 2 postpartum Visits with me 

  • Always available for call, video chat, and text communications

  • Monthly research reports on birth topics 

  • You’ll get your own solo birth and/or solo postpartum work with the support from me

Want to learn more? Have questions? Schedule a consultation below: 

Before you get into this program, you’ll have to fill out the questionnaire. Once I receive it I’ll get in contact with you for an interview to see how we connect during that session and if you’re the right fit for this program! 

Only 3 people are allowed in this program at a time. If someone feels like they’re done with the program  or a spot opens up, you will be next in line for the program. 

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