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"I used Talena as my Doula because I was hoping to labor at home and then go to the hospital when I was ready. Unfortunately it did not work out that way. She supported me no matter what decision I made. I had to be induced, and so she came to the hospital and made sure that I would feel just as comfortable as I would at home. It was such a fear of mine that my induction would be like the last time. I was confined to a bed and had to labor in bed, which was what I wanted to avoid. Talena gave me so many options as far as positions to move my labor along. She comforted me when in physical pain. But she provided much more than just physical support, she was there for me mentally. And I truly don’t think I would have had a good experience without her. Even better she has different packages that fit the moms needs. I used the last minute doula service. I couldn’t be happier having her there for one the scariest but the most exciting time in my life. Definitely recommend 1000 percent, for new moms and even experienced ones!"

- Jamie Lynn

What is it?

A doula service for women that are over 37 weeks or even in labor. 

 You could be in labor and need more support or your due date is around the corner and really wanting a doula. Just call the number below to check if your date is available. 



Call Doula Talena to see if she is available for your upcoming date: (904) 530-0810

This service is $350 and

includes up to 15 hours of  labor and delivery support. 

Any time beyond this will cost $15 extra per hour.

IMPORTANT: Please do not make a payment until Doula Talena has confirmed her availability with you.