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What is a Doula?

What are the benefits?

  • Doula is a Greek word which means “Women’s Servant”.

  • Doulas are mother’s support system during pregnancy and birth.

  • The Main Motivation of a doula is to help women have a memorable and empowering birth that the woman desires.

  • Increases the safe and natural birth rates outcome

  • Lowers the cesarean birth rate

  • Increases mother’s chance of successful breastfeeding

  • Increased chance of shorter labor

  • Decreased chance of needing to use pain medication

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Birth Doula

All pregnancies are different, and that’s why I work with each client to develop a customized plan for pregnancy, birth and beyond. If I sound like a good fit, look at the services I offer below, and get in touch with me to schedule an initial consultation.

Last Minute
Doula Services

You could be in labor and need more support or your due date is around the corner and you realize you really want a doula's help. 

For more details, click Learn More below.


If you are in need of extra support, you can meet with me to learn more about labour and birth positions, belly binding, or baby wearing.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of unconditional support for a family expecting a new baby soon. Gift certificates can be used for any of our services, including birth doula and postpartum doula services. 


To redeem gift certificate, original purchase receipt must be presented with gift certificate. 

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