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The Importance of Having a Doula

It has been shown in a large number of studies that having a doula present during labor is beneficial. Having a doula present at birth has increased the likelihood of a successful birth. The use of pain medicines and cesarean sections was reduced among women who had their assistance. Many mothers-to-be also noted an improvement in their birth experiences. Other research has demonstrated that a doula on the birth team can reduce the need for a cesarean by 50%, the duration of labor by 25%, the dosage of oxytocin by 40%, and the number of requests for an epidural by 60%. (Shomia et al., 2022). Massage and other forms of touch therapy are standard practices used by doulas to help laboring women feel more relaxed and at ease.

Medical professionals agree that massage can increase levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. The pituitary gland releases oxytocin into the bloodstream, where it stimulates contractions in the uterus, and into the brain, where it induces feelings of contentment, drowsiness, and heightened resistance to pain. Before, it had been believed that the psychological effects of endogenous oxytocin could not be replicated by administering oxytocin intravenously. Recent research suggests that oxytocin delivered via the nasal route and intravenously may enter the brain. Still, doulas can aid moms in reaping oxytocin's benefits naturally and drug-freely.

No matter what kind of delivery you intend, having a doula around will only help. Several women have found that having one reduces the required medical procedures. However, remember that the doula's primary duty is to ensure the mother has a healthy and positive birth experience, not to advise her on how to give birth. Doulas provide emotional, educational, and physical assistance to laboring women who have chosen to use medical interventions, such as pain relief or anesthesia. Doulas help pregnant women take medication and manage any adverse effects. Because to the fact that suffering is likely to persist even with medicine, doulas may help address demands that doctors cannot adequately address.

A doula's ongoing support and encouragement can be especially beneficial for a mother preparing for a cesarean. When a mother has to have a cesarean section, she is often caught off guard, which can leave her feeling discouraged, alone, and frightened. An attentive doula can keep the woman informed and comfortable throughout the cesarean. They allow the other person more time to take care of the newborn and go with them to the nursery in case of difficulties.

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